Ōlelo Online
A website where you can learn Hawaiian language at your own pace. Described in the videos are the Hawaiian grammatical structures and their relationships to English grammar. You will also learn about Hawaiian culture and how the language carries cultural understandings which can help inform learners who may not be familiar with the Hawaiian culture or the “local” culture here in the Islands.
Hawaiian Dictionary
Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library
Hawaiian Language
How To Speak Hawaiian Like A Haole, The Hawaiian Islands are a huge melting pot of races. The 2000 US Census showed that over 20% of Hawaii residents listed ancestors of more than one race, giving the state a much higher percentage of multiracial residents than anywhere else in America.
Hawaiian Language
Hawaiian remains the language of the heart and soul. The language sways like a palm tree in a gentle wind. Its words are as melodious as a love song. Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken throughout the inhabited Hawaiian Islands.